The Society is spending over $3400 annually to print and mail The Yellowhammer.  Next year it will cost even more. There are only approximately 115 members who still receive a print copy.  That’s over $29 per account, while individual dues are only $25. That also does not count the expense of Alabama BirdLife, which will remain available in the print edition.  The board of directors has made the difficult decision to pull the plug on this expense.  That will free up over $3400 for conservation, arranging for interesting speakers, and much more.

The digital newsletter is in full color, so that everyone can enjoy the stunning photos and the magnificent design.

Beginning with the spring 2024 Yellowhammer, only digital issues will be available.  There are a few of you for whom we do not have a valid email address. It will be imperative that we have a valid email address for all members.  Send them to the acting treasurer (  We will share your email address with no one.  Most email communications are sent out as blind copies so that even other members do not have access to email addresses.

The board understands and regrets that this will be an unpopular decision for some of you, but it simply does not make sense to continue to lose money on ever newsletter that goes out.

The Yellowhammer will be available on the website,, soon after each meeting.  All registration, fieldtrip, and schedule information will continue to be available on the website as soon as it is developed.