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Welcome to the Alabama Ornithological Society website!

- - - President's Message, Spring 2016 - - -

The Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) is involved in many worthwhile activities.  Check out our website pages to learn more about AOS and the efforts we are currently involved with to promote ethical birding and the conservation of Alabama’s natural resources.

Of course the best way that you can support AOS is by becoming a member. To find out more, please visit our AOS Membership page.

AOS endorses the conservation programs shown below that protect and support the proper stewardship of our natural resources.  You can show your support by annually purchasing a Federal Duck Stamp, Wildlife Heritage License, and Forever Wild car tag.

The Federal Duck Stamp Program
Wildlife Heritage License
Alabama's Forever Wild Program
To learn more about the importance of these programs, please read an article recently published in The Yellowhammer entitled Pulling Our Weight by Dr. Greg Jackson.