A Birder’s Guide to Alabama

This classic bird-finding guide to Alabama was written by members of the Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS), edited by John F. Porter, Jr., with a Foreword by Thomas A. Imhof, author of Alabama Birds.  This useful handbook  provides information about the best places to find birds everywhere from Dauphin Island to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Its 368 pages include 75 illustrations, 50 maps and helpful bar charts describing the frequency and distribution for most of the bird species recognized for Alabama. Using the book, in conjunction with eBird and the Alabama Birding Trails website (www.alabamabirdingtrails.org), both inexperienced birders and experts can find most of the almost 400 birds that are covered in the book.  Originally published in 2001, some sections of this book are no longer up to date, yet there is a wealth of detailed information for finding birds at key locations around the state, written by some of Alabama’s top birders past and present.  Second-hand copies of the book can be purchased through Amazon.