Checklist of Alabama Birds

This checklist of Alabama birds was updated as of February 2024, and is available online in Adobe Acrobat format.    To see the Checklist, click here:

When printing using Adobe Acrobat, for optimal page sizing select either “Actual size” or “Custom scale” (in the range 100-102%), not “Fit.”

This checklist uses the taxonomy of the Check-list of North American Birds through the 64th Supplement (July 2023) issued by the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature—North and Middle America, a branch of the American Ornithological Society (formerly American Ornithologists’ Union).

Species included are those accepted through February 2024 by the Alabama Bird Records Committee of the Alabama Ornithological Society.

The checklist was produced by Greg D. Jackson (Bird Records Compiler, Ala. Ornith. Soc.)