Spring 2024 AOS Meeting



Dauphin Island

April 19-21, 2024

Casual dress is appropriate throughout the meeting.

Meet the Keynote Speaker: Nathan Pieplow

First of all, let me express how excited and grateful I am to be invited to speak to the Alabama Ornithological Society at the spring 2024 meeting. I have heard stories of legendary Dauphin Island, but I have never visited – and I am particularly thrilled to experience it at the height of spring migration. My home state of Colorado doesn’t have many warblers! (We make up for it in ways that range from longspurs to rosy-finches to grouse.)

This will be my first time officially birding Alabama. I say “officially” because I do have one single solitary bird on my Alabama eBird life list.

The first time I ever visited Alabama was during my senior year of college in 1998. Being typical college students, my friends and I had conceived of a highly questionable plan: a madcap five-day road trip all the way from our campus in western Massachusetts to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and back.

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