AOS Slide Collection

Over the last thirty years, the Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) has assembled a series of slides of birds found in Alabama and Northwest Florida. The AOS and the AOS Slide Collection Committee wish to make the best of these slides available for purchase or loan to individuals, educational institutions and conservation organizations, solely for scientific and educational purposes.

All species represented in this collection have been verified either in Alabama or Northwest Florida. Many of them, due to vagaries of migration, breadth of range and other factors, are also found in other parts of the continent. So that the absolute best slide of a particular species may be used, the photo itself may have been taken outside the Alabma/Northwest Florida area. We hope that these slides will help satisfy your needs for educational programs or classes on the birds of your area or for other projects.

A catalog is available in electronic format of all slides available in the collection.  Click here to download the catalog.