The Yellowhammer

Northern Flicker
Photograph by Joe Watts

The Yellowhammer, published four times a year, is the official newsletter of the Alabama Ornithological Society, and is designed to keep AOS members informed about birds and birders around the state.  The Yellowhammer offers reports of recent bird sightings, details of upcoming events, and information on issues related to bird conservation, habitat preservation, and threatened or endangered species in Alabama.   A standard feature of the Yellowhammer is an account of activities and bird sightings at the most recent AOS meeting, along with occasional committee reports and a condensed version of the minutes of the most recent board meeting.  The newsletter also provides readers a forum to report their recent birding trips as well as useful features such as equipment articles, recipes for bird feeding, and other tips for birders.  Use the archive below to access past issues by year.   The Yellowhammer’s editor is COL Robert E. Reed, 88838 Tallassee Highway, Tallassee, Alabama 36078; Home: 334-283-5886; e-mail: