Wintering of Lincoln Sparrow at Livingston

Published in 1961

For two seasons now the Lincoln Sparrow has fed at my tray in Livingston. He first appeared on October 17th, 1958, and fed daily at the tray and drank and bathed in the bird bath until Jaunary 5th, 1959. I saw him thirty-one different days during this period. The next time I saw this bird at my tray was March 30 h, 1961, and I observed him daily through April 15th, 1961. I have seen the Lincoln Sparrow to such good advantage and over such long periods of time now that I feel as familiar with him as I do the House Sparrow.

Author: Jenkins Jackson
Volume Number: 9 Year Published: 1961
Issue Number: 2-3
Page Number: 16

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