White Pelican seen on Guntersville Lake

Published in 1988

On 16 January 1988, Ben Brown of Anniston observed a lone White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) on Lake Guntersville near the Jackson/Ogletree Park complex. Ben reports that the bird was swimming among a mixed raft of Redheads (Ay/he americana), Canvasbacks (Aythe valisineria) and Ruddy Ducks (Oxyura jamaicensis). According the Linda Reynolds, Guntersville State Park Naturalist, another White Pelican, possibly the same one, was seen by a Michigan couple on 29 January 1988 near the park campgrounds. Imhof lists the White Pelican in Alabama Birdlife (1976) as uncommon inland in Alabama.

Author: Ben Brown
Volume Number: 35 Year Published: 1988
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 14

Link to article: http://birdlife.aosbirds.org/1988/Vol 35 No. 1_1988_p14.pdf
Link to the full issue of BirdLife: http://birdlife.aosbirds.org/1988/Vol 35 No. 1_1988.pdf