The President’s Message

Published in 1969

This year of 1969 has been an exciting year for all those who find pleasure in the waters, the waysides and the green of summer. And there are more unbought and unpaid for pleasures to come in the changing kaleidoscopic panarama that flows across our Appalachian hills every fall. (Few pause to think that this great arresting and exhilarating phenomena occurs in only a small part of the world, and no where with the vim and vigor of our Southern Highlands.) The utter nourishment of contentment and thrills of pleasure from this annual arborization lifts the spirit within us from bare trees to green trees to red, yellow, orange and brown trees. The joys of living such days leaves man in debt!

Author: Walter F. Coxe
Volume Number: 17 Year Published: 1969
Issue Number: 2
Page Number: 29

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