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Published in 1967

This spring will see a significant achievement toward the conservation of birdlife in Alabama when the bird sanctuary on Dauphin Island becomes an Audubon National Wildlife Sanctuary. Credit is due to the untiring efforts over the years of Dr. Wilson Gaillard and his fellow Gulf Coast conservationists in creating from some sand dunes and a proposed but abandoned golf course a true sanctuary for both resident species and those who make the long trip across the waters to Mexico and Central America. They have literally built the sanctuary from the ground up planting, pruning and clearing areas. There are both pines and deciduous trees, habitat for waterfowl and open areas. Congratulations to our coastal birders and especially to Dr. Gaillard for bringing Alabama its first Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary!

Author: Robert R. Reid, Jr.
Volume Number: 15 Year Published: 1967
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 1

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