Observations on a Captive Brown Thrasher

Published in 1975

On July 18, 1972, a young fledged Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) was given
to me by a University of Montevallo student, Mr. Jack Burgstresser. The previous day, when Mr. Burgstresser parked his car in front of his home on a residential street in Montevallo, the bird had flown from an oak tree and alighted on the top of the car. The bird then hopped onto Mr. Burgstresser’s shoulder and remained there as he walked into his house. The complete tameness of this bird was its most singular characteristic. Neither Mr. Burgstresser nor I was able to locate anyone in the area who had reared a Brown Thrasher nestling.

Author: Dr. Eugene B. Sledge
Volume Number: 23 Year Published: 1975
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 9

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