Minutes of the Winter Meeting of the AOS

Published in 1966

The regular winter meeting of the Alabama Ornithological Society hosted by The Chattahoochee Valley Natural History Club was held at the Holiday Inn in Eufaula, Alabama, on February 12-13, 1966 with 37 members and guests registered. Field trips were conducted Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge by Refuge Director John R. Eadie and Assistants A. H. Saville and Richard Bolt — the highlight being the sighting of an immature Whistling Swan which had been on the Refuge sixteen weeks at that time among the many water and shore birds. The banquet and program were held Saturday night. the Executive Council meeting Sunday noon at Holiday Inn.

Author: Fairly Chandler
Volume Number: 14 Year Published: 1966
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 16

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