Lesser Black-backed Gull: First Record for Alabama

Published in 1977

On October 24, 1977, 1 observed an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus) resting on a piling about 100 feet offshore at fort Horgan. Alabama. In good light with 7×35 binoculars, I observed that it had a white tail and underparts, yellow bill with indistinct dark markings in a ring toward the end with a red spot at the angle of the mandible, faint brown blurred streakings on the white head and s late-gray wings. Royal Terns (Sterna maxima) and Laughing Gulls (Larus atricilla) were on adjacent posts and allowed easy size comparisons. The Lesser Black-backed Gull appeared to be the same length as the terns and considerably larger than the Laughing Gul ls. Shortly thereafter, I was joined by Tom and Joe Imhof, Lucy Duncan, Hary Lou Hattis and Roberta Bonwit who le isure ly studied the gull through binoculars and telescopes. Mary Lou Hattis photogr aphed the bird. After it stood up, we observed that its leg coloration was pallid.

Author: Robert A. Duncan
Volume Number: 25 Year Published: 1977
Issue Number: 3-4
Page Number: 11

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