JSU Bluebird Project a Success

Published in 1987

As part of a nesting box project during the spring semester, 1987, an ornithology class at JSU constructed 100 bluebird boxes, 43 of which were placed on campus and adjacent farm country. These were checked periodically from 1 March through 31 August to determine the number of fledgings produced.

Author: Bill Summerour
Volume Number: 34 Year Published: 1987
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 9

Link to article: http://birdlife.aosbirds.org/1987/Vol 34 No. 1_1987_p9.pdf
Link to the full issue of BirdLife: http://birdlife.aosbirds.org/1987/Vol 34 No. 1_1987.pdf