Ferruginous Hawk (Buteo Regalis) Recorded I Colbert County

Published in 1989

On 24 February 1988, while birding at the Hog Pond near Leighton in northwest Alabama, I noticed a large hawk soaring low overhead, at approximately 15-20 meters. The underside of the bird was white, with only a few small dark spots on its legs. The underside of the wings was also white, with distinct black wrist patches and a dark margin alongthe trailing edge. I was able to see the upperside as the bird banked and circled, revealing the pale reddish-brown back. The upper wing was mostly dark, but had very distinct white, rectangular patches at the base of the primaries. The tail was mostly white, with a faint reddish tinge near the end.

Author: Damien J. Simbeck
Volume Number: 36 Year Published: 1989
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 3

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