Banding on the Baldwin County Coast

Published in 1975

On September 19 and 20, 1958, and at least twice each winter, spring and fall since August, 1971, the writers have banded at Fort Morgan. This produced a total of 2269 new banded birds of 96 species on 64 days or 35 birds per day. At Fort Morgan, the birds are netted on the north (bay) side just under one mile from the west end of the 21-mile-long peninsula. This site, known as the “wall” is near the east boundary of Fort Morgan State Park, where a 5-foot-high wall bisects the peninsula. Birds cross this wall in huge numbers during migration, but it is somewhat exposed to the west, and catches are sometimes poor in the afternoon or when the wind is westerly. But, the funneling effect of the terrain and the use of alternate nearby sites make up for any disadvantages.

Author: Thomas A. Imhof and James V. Peavy, Jr.
Volume Number: 23 Year Published: 1975
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 15

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