Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) distribution in southeastern Alabama

Published in 1992

In our observations at wading bird nesting colonies in southeastern Alabama and eastern Georgia, during he past 30 years, we have noted that the Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) was rare and few nests were seen.

In the 1960’s when a wading bird colony was present on the Scott Paper Company land, about ten miles (16 kilometers) south ofOpp, Covington Co., Alabama, four nestlings were banded in 1962. At other colony sites (Pansey and Ashford, Houston Co.; Hartford and Slocomb, Geneva Co.; and Florala, Covington, Co.) all had Anhingas fly over, or perch in trees, but no apparent nesting occurred.

Author: Julian L. Dusi and Rosemary T. Dusi
Volume Number: 39 Year Published: 1992
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 6

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