Wintering Orange-crowned Warbler in Tennessee Valley

Published in 1972

In January 1972, I made up some bird pudding consisting of bacon drippings, sugar, cornmeal, raisins and bird seeds as printed in Alabama Birds, and put it in a cup in the back part of the year. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was first seen coming to it, but soon another bird was noticed with it. It acted like the kinglet, but I couldn’t see any definite markings due t0 the distance from the house. After a while I chrulged the food cup to 3 tree close to my kitchen window and then on a wire right outsido the window. From here the bird was identified as an Orange-crowned Warbler.

Author: Carolyn R. Garrett
Volume Number: 20 Year Published: 1972
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 15

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