Wild Turkey Poult Mortality in Northeast Alabama as a Result of Swimming

Published in 2002

Identifying specific causes of mortality in Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) poults is important in understanding the dynamics of Wild Turkey populations, knowledge of which is critical for their successful management (Peoples et al. 1995). Although numerous studies have focused on poult mortality rates throughout the range of the Wild Turkey (Glidden and Austin 1975, Hon et al. 1978, Everett et al. 1980, Sisson et al. 1991), few have identified specific causes of poult mortality (Speake et al. 1985, Peoples et al. 1995). In those studies, Speake et al. (1985) and Peoples et al. (1995) reported predation, exposure, starvation, disease, flooding, and hatch defects as specific causes of mortality. Here, we report the first incidence of poult mortality caused by a combination of extreme exhaustion and prolonged exposure to water as a result of swimming.

Author: Eric C. Soehren and Steven J. Threlkeld
Volume Number: 48 Year Published: 2002
Issue Number: 2
Page Number: 41

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