Update on Song Sparrow Range Extension into Alabama

Published in 1986

The summer range extension of the Song Sparrow, Melospiza melodia, into northeast Alabama has been documented by Summerour in Alabama Birdlife in 1979, 1980 and 1983. Since these accounts, the species has been noted farther south each summer.

In August 1984, I heard and observed two singing male Song Sparrows in Talladege, 20 miles south of the leading edge of their previously recorded breeding range in Alabama. Also in 1984, Joe Meyers, Non-game Wildlife Coordinator for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, reported a singing male on 8 June just west of LaFayette on census stop number 37 of the Breeding Bird Survey.

Author: Bill Summerour
Volume Number: 33 Year Published: 1986
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 14

Link to article: http://birdlife.aosbirds.org/1986/Vol 33 No. 1, 2_1986_p14-15.pdf
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