Thirty-Five Year Summary of the Status of Heron Colony Sites in Alabama

Published in 1988

Since Howell’s 1928 publication and the beginning of our work in 1952, little information has been obtained, or published, on wading bird colonies in Alabama. With the advent of Alabama Birdlife in 1953, articles by W. H. Allen, Jr. (1954), J. L. Dusi (1958,1968,1983), J. L. Dusi and R. D. Dusi (1967), J. Dindo and K. Marion (1986), J. E. Keeler (1956), R. W. Skinner (1963), C. W. Summerour (1964), and D. F. Werschkul (1977) have contributed to our knowledge of colony sites. In addition to those articles in Alabama Birdlife, publications by D. L. Bateman (1970), D. J. Drennen, et al. (1982), J. L. Dusi (1979), J. L. Dusi and R. D. Dusi (1967, 1970, 1978, 1987), J. L. Dusi et al. (1971), J. M. Martin (1973), C. A McDonald(1971),R. S. L. McKitrick (1975), B. Ortegoetal. (1979) and C. W. Summerour (1964) have provided heron colony knowledge.

Author: Julian L. Dusi and Rosemary T. Dusi
Volume Number: 35 Year Published: 1988
Issue Number: 2-3
Page Number: 1

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