The Season, Winter

Published in 1977

The purpose of this column is to keep A.O.S. members informed of the current status of Alabama’s birds. Acceptable data consists of records on 3 x 5 cards to include species, age and sex (where possible – especially where critical to the identification), locality, date, number, observers, how identified, and significance, if known. These cards may be obtained from Dr. Robert J. Newman at L.S.U. (address in last issue of Alabama Birdlife). Other data for this column includes information as presented he~r than records – weather, counts, lists, population figures, migration, breeding success, changes in ranges, all of which should be submitted in writing. Acceptable records include those which supersede and those on endangered and special concern species. If you think your record will be doubted, please include details, especially critical field marks seen. The observer is responsible to know when to include details, for it is he who must also know when to use extra care in identifications in the field. Please avoid such statements as “seen by competent observer” – unnamed, “all field marks seen” – none listed, “we have x number of local records” – so we don’t need to be as careful anymore, but do include the fact that you have or have not seen the species before.

Author: Thomas A. Imhof
Volume Number: 25 Year Published: 1977
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 12

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