The Season, Spring (March, April, May, 1972)

Published in 1972

The long-term trend of cooler, drier weather continues with later emergence of foliage and later migration. Temperatures were much closer to normal and many migrants arrived early, especially in March and early April. After Apr. 28 the whole migration seemed late and ~ay was noted for many lingering species both transient and wintering. The last half of Llay, especially coastally was very dry. The mildness of the winter is amply shown by the number of half-hardy birds much in evidence this spring. For instance, the female Orange-crowned Warbler which wintered at Decatur, north of its usual Alabama limits, was seen daily thru about Apr. 4 (photo CRG). This higher survival also includes many western birds detected on return flight mostly on the coast.

Author: Thomas A. Imhof
Volume Number: 20 Year Published: 1972
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 9

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