Some Observations of Early Fall Migration on the Gulf Coast Of Alabama, 1959

Published in 1959

During the period from September 4 to 21, 1959, the writers studied vertebrate ecology on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Among data collected was that relating to the migration and abundance of gulls, terns, wading and shorebirds. Most of the time was spent in the Gulf Shores vicinity, ranging from Alabama Point to Fort Morgan. The Mobile causeway was visited on Septernber 18 and 19, with the morning of the 19th in the company of Dr. M. W. Gailliard of Mobile. Dauphin Island was studied September 19 (evening), 20 and 21 (morning).

Author: Julian L. Dusi and Rosemary T. Dusi
Volume Number: 7 Year Published: 1959
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 4

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