Sightings: Spring and Summer 1999

Published in 1999

Spring and Summer 1999 offered mixed blessings for birders in the AOS area, depending on when and where one happened to be in the field. Those lucky enough to be at the coast for the AOS meeting enjoyed a diversity of birds not seen in years; this was especially true for warblers, with 34 species recorded 16-18 April following a strong front. Less fortunate souls, working the coast at different dates, might have regarded the spring as dull. Inland, birding was good in early May for passerines, but less favorable for shorebirds. As usual, several rarities peppered the field to keep things lively. After the transients departed, the most significant news was the continued steady increase in breeding (or probable breeding) for Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and Lark Sparrow inland, and the first nesting of Homed Lark in the coastal plain.

Author: Greg D. Jackson
Volume Number: 45 Year Published: 1999
Issue Number: 2
Page Number: 27

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