Second verified record of the Couch’s/Tropical Kingbird complex (Tyrannus couchii/ T. melancholicus) in northwest Florida

Published in 1998

Flycatchers of the Couch’s I Tropical Kingbird complex (Tyrannus couchiil T melancholic us) are occasional migrants and winter residents in Florida, with about 20-25 reports (Robertson and Woolfenden 1992, Paulson 1994, Pranty 1996). A bird of this complex was collected (specimen, University of Central Florida) in early March 1996 on the Florida peninsula near Boca Raton . However, several authorities disagree on the correct species identification of this specimen (Mlodinow 1998). Until this dispute is resolved, no verified records exist for either Couch’s or Tropical Kingbird in Florida (Robertson and Woolfenden 1992, Stevenson and Anderson 1994, Pranty 1996).

Author: Thomas E. Lewis and Douglas B. McNair
Volume Number: 44 Year Published: 1998
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 11

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