Report of the Alabama Bird Records Committee-2001

Published in 2004

TheAlabama Bird Records Committee (ABRC) was created to validate documentation ofunusual birds in Alabama using a method that allows the records to be more universally accepted and scientifically valuable. A committee of seven experienced Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) members reviews reports of species that generally have fewer than 20 accepted records for the state. Records for species on the ABRC review list, which currently includes approximately 90 species, are voted on by all committee members. Ifthe first vote is indecisive, the committee members vote a second time. Vote totals with no more than one “not accepted” vote result in the record being accepted. Totals with four or more “not accepted” votes result in the record not being accepted. Records without decisions following two votes are reviewed and voted upon a final time at the annual meeting ofthe ABRC.

Author: Lawrence F. Gardella
Volume Number: 50 Year Published: 2004
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 1

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