Observations on the Nesting of House Wrens, Troglodytes aedon, in Jacksonville, Alabama

Published in 1986

The House Wren, Troglodytes aedon, is a fairly common transient throughout Alabama. In winter it is rare to uncommon above the Fall Line, fairly common on the Coastal Plain, and common ~ the Gulf Coast (Imhof, 1976). In recent years (1970’s) the species has been increasing in summer in the northern half of the state and has attempted to breed, but without success (Summerour, 1983). On 29 May 1984, a nest containing 5 eggs was found by the author in Jacksonville and represented the first reported occurrence of House Wrens nesting successfully in Alabama.

The first summer record for the state was reported by Helen Kittinger who recorded a singing male in Birmingham on 7 July 1971. That same summer H. Adams reported an unsuccessful nesting attempt at Auburn. In the summer of 1973, an unmated female was observed by E. L. Grimley at Mountain Brook near Birmingham, and in the summer of 1981, 3 males established territories in Jacksonville but none was successful in securing a mate (Summerour, 1983).

Author: Bill Summerour
Volume Number: 33 Year Published: 1986
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 3

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