Notes on Yellow-crowned Night Herons on Dog River

Published in 1965

Dog River is a brackish tidal stream which enters Mobile Bay from the west about 10 miles south of the harbor. Exploring the river by boat from our home near the mouth of the river, my husband and I discovered a secluded place where we found many Yellow-crowned Night Herons in various stages of development on July 10, 1965. Thereafter, we checked the spot twice or three times a day for seven weekends and several times during the week. The birds were there from the first trip until August 3rd. We always saw one or two, usually four or five herons each trip. None was seen on the weekend of August 7th nor that of August 14th.

Author: Kathleen Yerger Johnstone
Volume Number: 13 Year Published: 1965
Issue Number: 4
Page Number: 39

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