Note on Bewick’s Wrens

Published in 1976

Observers have widely noted the extreme reduction in population of Bewick’s Wren in Alabama over the past decade or more; and, in fact, its reduction in numbers has been a cause of concern throughout the East. (See the “Blue List,” American Birds (1975), 29(6):1067-72.) For example, this wren was formerly seen on virtually all counts in the Birmingham area; but now its presence in Alabama has been severely restricted although for the last three Christmas Seasons totals of 5-6 were reported on the AOS Christmas Counts. In 1976, however, the writer found 3 birds in northern Choctaw County on June 6 while running the Choctaw-Sumter Breeding Bird Survey of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and later on July 10-11 two were discovered at a farm just south of Union Springs in Bullock County. Earlier in the year on March 28, a pair were found on so-called Red-cockaded Hill at Lake Purdy near Birmingham and were located again on July 25, with another being found on that date at the backwaters of Cox’s Creek, principal tributary of that lake.

Author: Robert R. Reid, Jr.
Volume Number: 24 Year Published: 1976
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 17

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