Minutes of the Winter Meeting, Alabama Ornithological Society

Published in 1967

The regular winter meeting of the Alabama Ornithological Society was held at the Liberty Motel in Scottsboro, Alabama, February 25-26, 1967, with 45 members and guests regi8tered. Field trips were conducted Saturday afternoo~ and Sunday morning to the waterfowl refuges and management areas in Jackson County, particularly the Mud Creek Waterfowl Management Area and the North Sauty Waterfowl Refuge. Leading the trips were Mr. J. H. English, Conservation Department Area Biologist, Mr. T. W. Linville, Manager of the Conservation Department Refuges on Lake Guntersville, and Mr. James Robinson, Mr. James Keeler, and Mr. and Mrs. Gene West, members of the Society.

Volume Number: 15 Year Published: 1967
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 10

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