In Memorium, Blanche Evans Dean

Published in 1974

Blanche Evans Dean–May 31, 1974

AOS lost one of its most instrumental founders, first presidents and avid s.upporters in the passing of Blanche Evans Dean in May of this year. Biologist, conservationist and teacher, Blanche was renowned as Alabama’s most prolific and one of her foremost authors of works on natural history, having recently co-authored the widely acclaimed Wildflowers of Alabama published last fall. Her other books include Let’s Learn the Birds of Alabama, Trees and Shrubs in the Heart of Dixie, Ferns of Alabama and Happy Trails, works designed for students and lovers of birds, plants and the out-of-doors of all ages. Many are used as texts and reference works in schools and colleges for study bo~h by amateurs and professionals.

Volume Number: 22 Year Published: 1974
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 16

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