Grasshopper Sparrows Breed in Lowndes County, Mississippi

Published in 1982

Grasshopper Sparrows (Ammodramus savanna rum) nested in Mississippi at Golden Triangle Airport, Lowndes County in 1980. There are few breeding season reports for Mississippi. Thirteen birds were recorded along Mississippi River levees on the Dundee BBS route on 18 June 1978. This count was comparable to previous counts on this route (WW). Three were recorded in northeastern Mississippi on the Tupelo BBS route on 21 June 1978 (DC). Four, at least three singing, were recorded on the Yazoo NWR in southwestern Mississippi on 12 May 1979 (MOS). These birds may have been tardy migrants. Bierley (1980) said the Grasshopper Sparrow was rare and local in areas of Tennessee adjacent to Mississippi. Imhof (1976) indicated a local but widespread distribution for Alabama, including records for counties contiguous to Mississippi. Thus, confirmation of breeding in Mississippi was expected. There are undoubtedly more breeding localities than have been recorded.

Author: Douglas B. McNair
Volume Number: 29 Year Published: 1982
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 9

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