Black-bellied Plovers

Published in 1953

On May 11, 1952, four male black-bellied plovers, Squatarola squatarola, in their black breeding plumage were seen resting on some pilings in the edge of Guntersville Lake about 4 p. m. in the afternoon. These were carefully observed for several minutes with binoculars. Peterson lists this species as migrants in eastern North America. Howell mentions it as common on the coast but rarely found inland. Alabama has been changed so much internally by the impounding of water ways and construction of ponds that variations are to be looked for in the bird population and also in the migration routes.-Blanche Chapman, Ruth Schumacher,Blanche Dean, Kathleen Landes, Birmingham, Alabama.

Author: Blanche Chapman, Ruth Shumaker, Blanche Dean and Kathleen Landes
Volume Number: 1 Year Published: 1953
Issue Number: 3-4
Page Number: 23

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