Bird Notes

Published in 1962

On December 26, 2 miles north of West Blocton, C.W. Summerour located a Saw-whet Owl, the second for the states and a record for the farthest south. He also spotted 70 Evening Grosbeaks near Docena on January 26, besides the even larger flock reported elsewhere. Emmie Lou Grimley played host to 7 of the same species for a full week before they traveled on. Hariett Wright had between 5B- and e& at her feeders.

On February 22, Blanche Dean was serenaded at her home by a Screech Owl. Marge Ayres reported a Blue-headed Vireo in Birmingham on February 14.

Volume Number: 10 Year Published: 1962
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 14

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