Barn Swallows Breeding in Southeast Alabama

Published in 1977

Within the last 15 years, the northern breeding population of Barn Swallows has been extending it s range southward in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (Stewart 1964, 1965, 1968. HoLmes 1974; Kennedy 1974). In Alabama, Imhof (1975) illustrated that the northern breeding population of Barn Swallows nested throughout the state , except in the Piedmont, the Southeast and the lower tier of counties. (Barn Swallows nesting in lower Mobile and Baldwin Counties are ( from a southern breeding population.) This range expansion of the northern
population has been associated with man’s building activities (bridges, culverts, etc.) in areas of suitable habitat.

Author: Brent Ortego
Volume Number: 25 Year Published: 1977
Issue Number: 3-4
Page Number: 13

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