Barn Swallow Breeding in Dekalb County

Published in 1960

The northeast-southwest running valleys between Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama seem to be migration highways for swallows. So, the presence of a few Barn Swallows the first week of June 1950-1958, 5 miles north of Fort Payne was not taken as a certainty that the species bred nearby. However, this regton was closely watched with the result that in June, 1958, I discovered a newly-fledged brood of Barn Swallows along U. S. Highway No. 11, 5 miles north of Fort Payne. This was the first instance of the breeding of the Barn Swallow in Alabama away from the Gulf Coast and the Tennessee Valley.

Author: Thomas A. Imhof
Volume Number: 8 Year Published: 1960
Issue Number: 3
Page Number: 20

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