Banders’ Corner

Published in 1974

From a bird-banding point of view, this winter was a particularly exciting one. Early in the season the banders in the Birmingham area were treated to a visit from Dr. Val Nolan of Indiana State University. Dr. Nolan, along with two graduate students, came to Alabama to study wintering Juncos. With the help of local birders, especially Percy and Helen Thigpen, Harriett Wright, Bob Reid and Tom Imhof, Dr. Nolan was able to capture and band enough Juncos in three days to make his trip successful. At the same time those of us fortunate enough to be with him learned a great deal about the natural history of Juncos. In conjunction with the Junco study, Tom Imhof was netting birds at the Thigpen home and while there caught a Red Crossbill, the first ever banded in Alabama; later, he banded seven more. For more on Red Crossbills, see the article in this issue by Helen Thigpen.

Author: James V. Peavy, Jr.
Volume Number: 22 Year Published: 1974
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 9

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