Published in 2005

The Auburn/Opelika Christmas Bird Counts have been conducted since
1954 (Dusi 1991, 1995) and provide data that can help document changes in
winter bird populations. Below are the results for the 2005 count, which
occurred on 3 January 2006. Sixteen participants formed 10 parties. The parties
drove a total of 294 miles (473 km) and made 44.1 hours of observations.
In addition, 16.5 mi (26.5 km) and 37.8 hours of observation were conducted
on foot. Weather was clear with a high of 60¡F (33¡C) and a light wind. A
total of 92 species was recorded and 7,889 individuals were counted.

Author: Julian L. Dusi
Volume Number: 51 Year Published: 2005
Issue Number: 2
Page Number: 49-50

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