A Roadside Survey fo the Red-tailed Hawk in Alabama

Published in 1984

The Red-tailed Hawk is a year- round resident in the Southeastern United States. Although there is a great deal of literature concerning this species (Fitch et ale 1946, Orians and Kuhlman 1956, Hagar 1957, Craighead and Craighead 1956, Luttich et al. 1970, Gates 1972, Wiley 1975, and Mader 1978) none of these studies was carried out in the Southeastern United States.

Prior to a study of the behavior and habitat use of this species, we conducted roadside surveys to determine the relative abundance and seasonal variation of Red-tailed Hawks in West-Central Alabama.

Author: E. William Wischusen, David T. Rogers, Jr., and A. Michael Macrander
Volume Number: 31 Year Published: 1984
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 7

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