1991 spring and summer sightings

Published in 1992

During the spring and summer of 1991 we were blessed with an abundance of birds in our area. Migrants were often plentiful on the coast, and several rarities were discovered, including two new species for Alabama. Temperatures were generally normal for the season; rainfall totals were elevated, particularly in May and June.

Spring migration was punctuated by several moderate fallouts of transients at the coast, particularly in April. The top days forpasserines at the coastal “hotspots” were 19 (best), 21 , 23, and 27 April. Shorebirding was good at the coast, especially after a wet front 25 April. Passerine migration inland was a little disappointing, but shorebirds passed through in good numbers. The best shorebird day in north Alabama was 6 May, again following a wet frontal system.

Author: Greg D. Jackson
Volume Number: 39 Year Published: 1992
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 23

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