1988-89 Fall and Winter Sightings

Published in 1989

Some increruble birds passed through Alabama and northwest Florida during the fall and winter of1988-89. Last autumn was the best in years, perhaps ever, in terms of “super rarities” on the Alabama coast. These included three first and one secoiilfAIabama records. Together with the birds seen last spring (Le. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and ~tailed Flycatcher), 1988 should take iIie pnze for “Year of the Rarities” m Alatilima. I hope in the pages belo~ I can convey some of the excitement rippling at times through our area because of these exotic wanderers. I’ll try to not gloss over the less bizarre, though stilI quite important, records of the many other species recorded from August 1988 throug February 1989.

Author: Greg D. Jackson
Volume Number: 36 Year Published: 1989
Issue Number: 1
Page Number: 18

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