1977 Fall Shorebird Survey of Swan Creek Management Area, Decatur, Alabama

Published in 1978

This survey is being done in cooperation with the International Shorebird Survey conducted by Manomet Bird Observatory in. Manomet, Massachusetts.

To prove that a small number of “stopover” areas will support a very large number of migratory shorebirds occur and to determine what habitat changes in these areas.

Sandpipers and plovers gather in almost unbelievable numbers at favored sites. While visiting these areas; the shorebirds feed and fatten in preparation for their upcoming transatlantic flight. The main concern is that the welfare of several North American shorebird species is increasingly threatened by habitat changes in these migratory stopover areas. There is concern that change of shorebird habitat does not allow the birds to perpare properly for their rigorous migration routes and that this lack of preparation is causing a higher migration fatality rate.

Author: Dennis Mark Brown
Volume Number: 26 Year Published: 1978
Issue Number: 1-2
Page Number: 13

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