Spring AOS Meeting Cancelled

I’m sad to have to announce that we are going to cancel the spring AOS meeting on Dauphin Island.  The growing dangers posed by COVID-19 are saturating the news, so I probably don’t have to provide a long justification here.  The AOS will not sponsor any public gatherings this April on Dauphin Island—no Friday social and no Saturday banquet, but also no group bird walks.  I encourage everyone to get out birding, including during April on Dauphin Island, but I discourage car-pooling.  Don’t gather into groups, even if a rare bird is nearby.  Remember not to shake hands or hug if you see old friends.  For this spring, we all have to keep our distances.

We’ll refund any registration fees that have been paid.

We’ll start back up in October.  Until then, be safe.  

Geoff Hill, AOS President