New, improved Albirds site now working

A Message from AOS President Geoff Hill

For years, the Alabama Ornithological Society has sponsored Albirds, an email-based Yahoo discussion group for birders who want to share information on rare wild bird sightings and birding-related issues, such as conservation, field trips, etc.

But Yahoo has stopped supporting many of the features that made Albirds work. So AOS is moving the Albirds Group to a new home — at

You can always access AlBirds directly from the AOS website if you go to Alabama Birding and click on the first selection on the dropdown menu.

To subscribe, you can easily send an email message to:  Be sure to use the email account you wish to have Albirds messages sent to.

You can also visit the Albirds website at and subscribe there. The home page address is:

The system offers features that weren’t available to the Yahoo group. When you visit the website, be sure to create an account so you can enjoy all the features. Many of the most active Albirds posters are already sending messages to the new group. All messages are saved on the website, so check out what you’ve been missing.

To make sure that the years of information on the old site – much of it containing valuable historical background on bird sightings in Alabama – is not lost, that data has been captured and AOS members are working on making it available in a searchable format on this website and elsewhere on the Internet. Stay tuned for updates on when that will be available.

In the meantime, make sure you sign up for the new Albirds to stay in touch with birding issues around the state. And help us spread the word to the birding community.

We also invite you to join the Alabama Ornithological Society. As a member, you can join fellow AOS members on field trips led by expert birders, hear some of the nation’s best speakers on birding and conservation issues, and receive the society’s newsletter, the Yellowhammer. Dues are modest and birders at all levels of expertise are welcome.

Remember, you do not have to be a member of AOS to participate in Albirds. It is a service that AOS provides free to all interested birders.