Neil Gilbert will be Keynote Speaker at AOS Fall Meeting

Neil Gilbert is an ecologist and lifelong (well—since age 6) birder. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota and can often be found looking for migrants at Park Point (Minnesota’s Dauphin Island) or hawkwatching at Hawk Ridge. He is a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with Michigan State University and is involved in projects aimed at modeling relationships between biodiversity and disease risk using large datasets. He completed a PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2022), a MS in Biology from the University of Alabama (2018), and a BS in Biology from Calvin College (2014). During his time in Alabama, Neil was an enthusiastic AOS member, and so he is excited to return to enjoy barbeque and Gulf Coast birds. At the AOS fall meeting, he will give a talk entitled, “The Science and Art of Pishing” in which he will interweave insights from behavioral ecology with practical advice for attracting birds by imitating their mobbing sounds.


Says Neil:  ‘My talk at the AOS fall meeting will explore these topics. I’ll provide practical advice to advance your pishing skills. If you’re lucky, I may provide live demonstrations. Pishing is more than a quirky birder habit: it is a way to connect with birds and learn about the natural world.’