Larry Gardella Comments on Field Trip to Splinter Hill Bog

Nine of us met at Splinter Hill Bog for the start of an AOS field trip.  From the parking lot we quickly heard two Bachman’s Sparrows singing.  We walked out to the road to get a good look at some trees from which one’s song seemed to be coming.  It was approximately 8 feet up from the ground.  We all got to watch it kick back its head and sing.  After enjoying the pitcher plants and one sundew, we walked into the woods a bit, and one of the participants said there was another sparrow up in a tree.  This Bachman’s was even closer than the first.

We drove down to Meaher State Park where Anhingas soared overhead, a Great Blue Heron ate a frog, Common Gallinules hugged the shore, a Least Bittern flew long enough for everyone to see it, and 3 different terns flew overhead – including a group of Leasts.  Near the end of our stay on the boardwalk, a group of 9 dowitchers flew by us.  They were probably Long-billed, but we left them sp.

We ended the day looking at terns and gulls on what is usually an island off the northeast corner of Five Rivers.

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I thank all the participants on the trips for great cooperation and help.

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