Harry Dean is the Alabama Ornithological Society’s first “Featured Photographer”.

Harry Dean’s interest in photography started when he was a U.S. Air Force pilot stationed in Thailand four decades ago.  He said the base offered a good facility with everything that the do-it-yourself photography hobbyist needed — as long as it was black and white. Later he combined his interest in birdwatching with photography.

Tree Swallow feeding nestlings photo by Harry Dean

With the advent of digital photography, this interest grew significantly.   No longer limited to a 24- or 36-exposure roll of film, and with the aspect of instant gratification, he routinely added 200-300 images daily to his “collection”. “Shoot and delete” was his photography equivalent of the fishing technique of “catch and release”. Harry believes that there is always something interesting to photograph no matter where you are.  His favorite subjects include birds, flowers, and bugs and he is always looking for that perfect reflection shot.

Although currently not very accomplished at post processing, he is working on his technique. Harry’s camera system of choice is Canon.

Harry served in the Air Force for 20 years, flying the C-130 and B-52 aircraft. He also worked on system safety engineering design for numerous strategic systems including the B-2.  Before retirement, he continued his system safety engineering career with NASA, working on Spacelab and International Space Station payloads.

Harry currently lives in Madison, and is an active member of the North Alabama Birdwatcher’s Society.  Currently Harry is also serving as President of the Alabama Ornithological Society

About the “Featured Photographer” Project

Every 4-8 weeks, AOS will feature a member and the member’s photographs on the organization’s website. The project is designed to foster an interest in nature photography and in birding in general. While you must be a current member of AOS to be considered, dues are modest and include many other benefits, such as access to the society’s newsletter, The Yellowhammer; to regular field trips; and to programs that involve some of the best birding experts in the nation. (for information on joining, click here.)

Featured photographers agree to allow the photographs submitted to be used on the AOS website and Facebook pages and in promotional materials.

If you would like to be considered, email Ken Hare at kmhare46@knology.net for further details.