Dr. Scott Robinson is AOS Fall Meeting Keynote Speaker

“Virtually everything I have contributed to science has come from direct observations and censuses of birds in nature, and these were skills that I developed while birdwatching as a youth.”  –Dr. Scott Robinson


Dr. Scott Robinson has been a professor at the University of Florida since 1993 and the Ordway Professor since 2003.  Before that he was a Wildlife Ecologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey from 1984 to 1993.  Scott’s career in avian ecology has spanned many disciplines, including community ecology, landscape ecology, demography, and behavior. Much of his work has occurred in temperate forests of New England and the Midwest and tropical rainforests in Peru. As director of the Ordway Lab of Ecosystem Conservation he oversees a large group of graduate students pursuing research in tropical landscapes throughout the world.

According to Dr. Robinson, “When the late Ted Parker came to my field site in Amazonian Peru in 1982, we hatched a plan to break the world Big Day record, which then stood at 272 species from Kenya. On our first attempt, we hit 332 species in an area of less than a square mile, which we covered on foot and by dugout canoe. This record stood for more than 35 years and still may be the top team record involving no internal combustion engines.”

For a detailed article by Dr. Scott Robinson about his remarkable career as a birder/ornithologist, see the next edition of the Yellowhammer (distributed to all AOS members).